Ask Jerry January 2021 Edition: About Those Model Numbers

First and foremost a picture is worth a million words. Snap a picture of the labels attached and send them-- any identifying information is helpful information. The label on the back. Sometimes the part number is on a sticker or plate inside. Possibly the manufacturer's logo on the front and maybe the model number as a bonus. Inside the doors there may be more model information. Lastly, digging up the brochures and information you received with the purchase and taking a photo of that is another place to find the information technicians need that can save you from having to wrestle your appliance.

In the event you have to call the number in, try to use the international phonetic alphabet-- and if you don't know foxtrot is for F, then just say "frog" or "fact". Any simple clear word with the letter as an unarguable first sound will do.

As an additional tip for when you are writing them down by hand. Put a little hook hat on your ones but not on your lower case "L". Make your number six with a clearly curved side and your lower case "B" characters with straight lines. Put a slash through your zeroes but not your upper and lower case "O" characters.

That is enough for now, enjoy the mild winter day!