4735 Richmond Rd.

Warrensville Heights, Ohio 44128

Normal Business Hours

Monday - Friday: 8:00AM - 5:30PM

Saturday: Shop is closed indefinitely, however office hours vary - please contact Complete Appliance Service at 216-364-2700.

Sunday: Closed (Except for Emergency Advice)

• Thank you for choosing Complete Appliance Services. We are your local appliance repair experts.

• With factory trained technicians and a 30 day warranty on work we perform, we are professionals you can trust.

Emergency service and Saturday appointments are available.

• Our parts counter is open during normal business hours for the DIY handyman.


When spotless becomes spotted or your appliance just isn't getting the job done, call us to get back on track. A properly working dishwasher cleans your dishes and lets you spend your time on things that matter.

Ovens & Ranges

Your stove cooks your meals and your oven helps you bake in the love, but sometimes they need a fix or some attention to keep the warm tasty bites coming. Electric, gas, hybrid... we are trained for most brands and models.


Few homes are without a refrigerator, sleep easy knowing you have someone to call if you need yours fixed NOW! Complete Appliance Service has reasonably priced Emergency Service available if the ice cream is ever in peril.

Washers & Dryers

Your washer & dryer are most efficient when they are running properly which makes the job easier. Call us to stop out and put things right. Let our experts get you the right parts if you prefer to do the work yourself.

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